COVID Response


The COVID Pandemic has definitely been a source of uncertainty and stress. Wanting to maintain a little bit of normalcy we wanted to emphatize that we continue to operate, either by mail or by visiting you with our mobile boutique, understanding that we can still meet your new needs and challenges.

For those clients who want us to visit, a new set of guidelines have been developed in accordance with the executive order established by our government. It is essential that every person follows them in order to ensure our health and safety and control the spread of this virus.

  1. We will only allow one client inside the van at a time.
  2. Every client must enter with a mask or face cover and must leave shoes outside.
  3. We will provide alcohol to disinfect hands before entering.
  4. All surfaces will be disinfected before any client enters and after each client leaves the van.


We also want to emphasize that all of our merchandise is and would be properly disinfected once we receive it; and, all employees must wear masks when handling merchandise and packing orders.