About Us

Yazmin has been into sales for as long as she could remember. Going back to high school she would make her own designs, everything from art to jewelry, and sell it to anyone she met. She has an innate ability to sell basically anything, so it was only natural to eventually launch her online store and later on her mobile boutique.

After graduating high-school, Yazmin decided to further her knowledge by attending a summer fashion design program at Parsons School of Fashion. She then earned a degree in accounting and was offered a job as an accounting specialist at a prestigious accounting firm. During her undergrad, Yazmin ventured into her first project, a shoe store in her hometown of Arecibo, PR. However, the academic demands led her to pause it. It wasn’t until she was already working as an accountant that she realized she missed it and began purchasing small quantities of products to sell to old clients and friends. Eventually, her clientele grew and the need for a more full-time service led her to quit and officially start Spicy Colada.

Since the very beginning, Yazmin would personally deliver every order and the need for more space in her car led her to invest in a large van that she suited to fit her clients need. As the needs of her clients also grew, she decided to get certified as a stylist by Irma Martínez’s Trendy Academy, to personalize her service even more. Not only does she offer a large variety of products at her mobile and online boutique, but she now styles photoshoots for local brands and helps her clients redesign their closets. Besides being super accessible to clients, she is also accessible to assist her colleagues in the industry. She loves to help others achieve their goals and enjoys when others grow along her side. So, feel free to contact her at info@spicycolada.com to ask her any questions or learn more about her story!